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With BusinessWings Starting a Business channel find out how to start a small business by reading articles and guides on all elements of the startup process – from starting a new business, to how to raise finance and how to write a business plan, to choosing a name for your business and forming a company, BusinessWings has helpful hints, tips and guides to get you started. So if you’re thinking of starting a business, or you’re in the early stages of establishing a business start-up, you’ll find plenty of valuable businesses help from business experts and entrepreneurs.

Setting Up a Business

Don't forget the little things

Tips on formulating a business plan and perfecting your 'elevator pitch', among others.

Start Ups Abroad

Expanding a Business in the UAE

While potentially lucrative, there are many cultural, legal and economic considerations.

Setting Up a Business

The state of entrepreneurship

The advantages and challenges of being an entrepreneur in the modern-world.

Business Financing

Online Business Startup FAQ

How Much Funding Will I Need? How Can I Raise the Money? What Taxes Will I Pay? And more!

Business Financing

How I funded Shopcade

Serial entrepreneur Nathalie Gaveau talks to BusinessWings.

Business Financing

Factoring Vs invoice discounting

Collectively known as invoice finance, these finance tools can generate cash from your cash ledger.

Business Financing

Why businesses fail, avoiding the pitfalls

Private equity chief Adrian Kirby pinpoints poor management, under-investment and expanding too quickly.

Retail Business Ideas

Starting a knitwear retailer

When Katie needed staff to create custom-made knitwear, who better to employ then grandmothers, she thought.

Setting Up a Business

Shop fitting: 10 questions

Setting up a high-street store can be more complicated than it seems. Above all, you need a well structured plan.

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  • The Bank of Dave against Goliath
  • Diminutive Dave wanted to set up a “tiny bank” but had to negotiate the bulwarks of private-school privilege and red tape.