Find out about how social entrepreneur’s motivations and often their route to business success differ from other entrepreneurs. Social problems and creating innovation solutions to society’s ills are often more important than getting rich quick.

Green Business Ideas

Benefit from green business revolution

Adding eco-value to your profits, launching green PR initiatives and cutting waste and therefore costs.

Starting a web-based business

Innovative and determined, Pascal beat bankruptcy and started an online raffle.

Famous Entrepreneurs

Peter Jones: dragon & telecoms magnate

He started a tennis academy aged 16 and, after a chastening experience, soared to great heights in telecoms.

Social Entrepreneurs

Finding investors for social enterprises

Tips on how to find investors for non-profit enterprises.

Innovative Ideas

How to become a trader

Greg Secker on setting up training people to 'make money from thin air' and setting up a charitable foundation.

Small Business News

Business book published on Twitter

Nigel Botterill makes history and tweets his entire book in a 45-day Twitterthon.

Innovative Ideas

Story of a social enterprise

Keith Wyatt tells us all about working in a social enterprise, while Andrea Simpson talks about being a 2010 Startup Awards finalist.

Business Blogs

The rise of CSR and social enterprise

How the rise of CSR has posed new questions for executives.


Corporate Social Responsibility event

Entrepreneurs can learn from Camila and apply her teachings to their own business and CSR practise.

Other Social Entrepreneurs Articles

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  • The home-based business Video
  • Serial entrepreneur Jo Dodds gives advice to aspiring work-from-home entrepreneurs.