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Already a small business owner, you’ll need the right information to keep your business ticking along. The small business administration section helps you grow and run a business, by considering all elements of business administration - from small business tax advice, accounting tips and small business legal advice to business advice on small business IT, management strategy and sales and marketing ideas. Whether you’re business has been established two weeks or two years, you’ll find information of interest about growing your business and helping you run it in the right way.

Sales and Marketing

The great SEO opportunity

The marketing director of XLN Telecom explains how even the smallest companies can optimise their sites to rank higher sell more.


Broadband internet wars

Cable versus optic: is it an open and shut case that fibre optic is much better than cable?


Backup, update and verify: home biz safety tips

Basic tips you need to protect your home-based business.

Small Business Admin

Saving money on bulk packaging

Go paperless, include shipping in your prices and get creative with your packaging, among other tips.

Sales and Marketing

Defining marketing strategies on a tight budget

Tools and technology are good companions in marketing, but it’s imperative to find the right balance.

Business Blogs

Four tips for avoiding 'high street armageddon’

The high street won't go to ground if SME owners follow four key tips from CardSave's Clive Kahn.

Green Business Ideas

Benefit from green business revolution

Adding eco-value to your profits, launching green PR initiatives and cutting waste and therefore costs.

Psychology of Success

Overcome your fear of networking

Recognise that your anxiety is a natural response and you're halfway there, suggests chartered psychologist Graham W Price.

Sales and Marketing

How .co.uk lost its lustre

Once an asset, The UK-specific domain now denotes parochialism for an international e-tailer.

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  • Nigel Shanahan, MD of Rapide, on some amusing 'rants and raves' submitted to a new customer complaints website.