Setting Up a Business

Don't forget the little things

Tips on formulating a business plan and perfecting your 'elevator pitch', among others.

Setting Up a Business

The state of entrepreneurship

The advantages and challenges of being an entrepreneur in the modern-world.

Business Financing

Online Business Startup FAQ

How Much Funding Will I Need? How Can I Raise the Money? What Taxes Will I Pay? And more!

Setting Up a Business

Shop fitting: 10 questions

Setting up a high-street store can be more complicated than it seems. Above all, you need a well structured plan.

Setting Up a Business

5 Essential Components to the Perfect Office Space

Furniture and organizations systems, among others...

Setting Up a Business

Setting up your limited company

A guide to forming a limited company for small businesses

Setting Up a Business

Kickstart your business today

Sure-fire ways to get your business noticed, by Laura Hindley.

Legal Advice

Advantages of using a limited company

Including tax-related benefits such as tax-deductible travel costs and working from home benefits.

Small Business Admin

A-Z of start-ups: J, K, L & M

Top small-business accountant Norman Younger discusses key staff members, learning and motivation

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  • Finding a bookkeeper Video
  • A bookkeeper is vital in your first year of business, says Business Support Finder’s Julian Rowe.