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Big business question: In the Kindle age what is the bookshop's future?

Tan Dillon, owner of the Village Bookshop in Essex, discusses the changing face of the book shop industry.

Business Blogs

Four tips for avoiding 'high street armageddon’

The high street won't go to ground if SME owners follow four key tips from CardSave's Clive Kahn.

Legal Advice

The Bribery Act: 18 months on

Doubts have surfaced about the Serious Fraud Office's ability to enforce the act.

Small Business News

Budget 2013: CGT relief & pub joy

Coming into force in 2015, capital-gains tax relief will apply to sales of businesses to employees.

Small Business News

M&A slowdown & other Olympic news

We take a look at the latest news of how the Olympics are affecting business

Small Business News

Why the spike in coffee prices?

Coffeeshops are going to have to raise their prices or have their margins squeezed.

Famous Entrepreneurs

How I won the Apprentice

Lee McQueen, 2008's winner, is incredulous that candidates continue to backbite despite evidence that it doesn't work.

Small Business News

25% of web time on social networks

A new study confirms the rise of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networks.

Psychology of Success

Overcome your fear of networking

Recognise that your anxiety is a natural response and you're halfway there, suggests chartered psychologist Graham W Price.

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