Green Business Ideas

Benefit from green business revolution

Adding eco-value to your profits, launching green PR initiatives and cutting waste and therefore costs.

Green Business Ideas

The mobile phone recycling business

Simon Walsh noticed a lot of customers at Orange were asking him what to do with their old mobile phones...

Green Business Ideas

Starting a green e-accountancy

The paperless office has largely remained a utopian pipe dream – but not for Abhai Rajguru.

Food Business Ideas

Running an organic food store

Christine Giles served in the army, renovated houses and started an ethical food store.

Green Business Ideas

Go green: business tips

Andrew Skeene offers ten top tips on how SMEs can go green and help do their bit to protect the environment.

Sales and Marketing

Ethical branding in food & drink

Tips on how to impress conscientious shoppers and avoid charges of 'greenwash'.

Green Business Ideas

Courier business; how to drive greener

Neil Churchill says eco-friendly credentials can be achieved through using modern technology.

Small Business News

“Green enterprise district” planned for capital

Boris Johnson has announced plans to exploit opportunities in the low-carbon economy.

Innovative Ideas

The green investment business

Andrew Skeene recounts his 'lightbulb moment', realising that timber values outstripped property.

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