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Want to be an entrepreneur but need some business motivation, then BusinessWings entrepreneurs channel provides the words of wisdom and real life success stories of those who’ve been there and done it. Whether you’re looking for inspirational business quotes or just want to find out how entrepreneurs acted on their dream of building their own business, BusinessWings gives you the inspiration to get started. Learn how to be successful in business (and how to be rich in some cases) but most importantly, how to get the business inspiration and belief to be a business success that you need.

Green Business Ideas

Benefit from green business revolution

Adding eco-value to your profits, launching green PR initiatives and cutting waste and therefore costs.

Psychology of Success

Overcome your fear of networking

Recognise that your anxiety is a natural response and you're halfway there, suggests chartered psychologist Graham W Price.

Small Business Admin

Key tips on how to maintain a successful business

How to ensure your business is the best it can be.

Setting Up a Business

The state of entrepreneurship

The advantages and challenges of being an entrepreneur in the modern-world.

Sales and Marketing

Social media webcast

A webcast exploring a marketing tool which is underused, even if recognised as important.

Psychology of Success

Take 5 today, success tomorrow

Hilary Briggs shows how SMEs can benefit from five short minutes every day.

Food Business Ideas

Starting a food producer

Jean and Martin Edwards didn't let a lack of experience stop them becoming specialist salami producers.

Famous Entrepreneurs

How I won the Apprentice

Lee McQueen, 2008's winner, is incredulous that candidates continue to backbite despite evidence that it doesn't work.


Starting a beauty supplies business

Christina Jenkins talks about how she co-founded her eyelash supplies and beauty training business.

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