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Want to start a business but lack a good business ideas? BusinessWings Business Ideas channel can help – if you want to start a business, start a franchise or buy a business, but aren’t sure which type of business to start, Businesswings provides industry specific how to business ideas and guides with the information you need to get your business started. There are also articles on working and living abroad in a particular country, covering the business opportunities available, as well as legal and cultural hurdles to overcome, when you relocate or are doing business abroad.

Creative Business

Using Businessesforsale.com To Sell Your Printing Business

A screen-printing business is a small business worth investing in. Sarah Louise Dean and the ASPA tell you why.

Business Blogs

Four tips for avoiding 'high street armageddon’

The high street won't go to ground if SME owners follow four key tips from CardSave's Clive Kahn.

Green Business Ideas

Benefit from green business revolution

Adding eco-value to your profits, launching green PR initiatives and cutting waste and therefore costs.

Start Ups Abroad

Expanding a Business in the UAE

While potentially lucrative, there are many cultural, legal and economic considerations.

Online Business Ideas

Starting an online business resource

Kasia Gospos is founder of Leaders in Heels, the Australian business resource aimed at women.

Small Business Admin

Business success isn't impossible

Running a business doesn't have to be a daunting challenge.

Business Financing

How I funded Shopcade

Serial entrepreneur Nathalie Gaveau talks to BusinessWings.

Food Business Ideas

Starting a food producer

Jean and Martin Edwards didn't let a lack of experience stop them becoming specialist salami producers.

Innovative Ideas

Setting up Naked Wines

Rowan explains the concept behind his innovative wine investment and retail business.

Other Business Ideas Articles

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  • Carry on Glamping
  • Far from a passing fad, the 'Glamorous camping' trend is gathering momentum.