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Four tips for avoiding 'high street armageddon’

Clive Kahn 24 Jul 13

The high street won't go to ground if SME owners follow four key tips from CardSave's Clive Kahn.

Psychology of Success

Overcome your fear of networking

Graham W Price 13 Jun 13

Recognise that your anxiety is a natural response and you're halfway there, suggests chartered psychologist Graham W Price.

Legal Advice

The Bribery Act: 18 months on

Sanjay Parekh 10 Apr 13

Doubts have surfaced about the Serious Fraud Office's ability to enforce the act.

Sales and Marketing

Knowing your customers

Nigel Shanahan 25 Mar 13

Nigel Shanahan, MD of Rapide, on some amusing 'rants and raves' submitted to a new customer complaints website.

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Big hotel groups in South Africa

Janine Mare 13 Dec 12

A breakdown of the favourite hotel accommodation in Africa's biggest tourist draw.

Business Blogs

Autumn Statement a letdown

Nick Moore 5 Dec 12

MD of We Trade It Nick Moore welcomes the one-year extension to the rate relief scheme - but little else.

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London 2012: the impact on business

Adam Bannister 10 Aug 12

If the Games have been a resounding success for athletes and organisers alike, the picture for SMEs is more nuanced...

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The Bank of Dave against Goliath

Adam Bannister 13 Jul 12

Diminutive Dave wanted to set up a “tiny bank” but had to negotiate the bulwarks of private-school privilege and red tape.

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This doesn’t seem like a country in recession

Rajesh Agrawal 24 May 12

Although the UK is officially back in recession, one entrepreneur says facts on the ground suggest otherwise.

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