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Recommended by American Screen Printing Association (ASPA)

As recommended by the ASPA, is proud to offer a variety of printing businesses for sale on its site. Screen printing offers a flexible business option for established printers who want to add to their portfolio of printing companies or for buyers new to screen printing.  Screen printing is a growth industry allowing business owners to indulge their creative side while providing a service for consumers that will generate a good return on investment. It is a business with the versatility for producing custom printed apparel, signs, ad speciality products and much more.

Many screen printing businesses have a large database of customers and a healthy order book. This is because this type of business provides a specialist service for clients, given the sheer volume of applications of screen printing techniques: from team uniforms and corporate apparel to school clothing, promotional products, and sportswear.  Existing businesses will usually be sold with all required equipment and machinery to run a successful screen printing operation, together with the benefit of an established name and reputation.

Geographically, this is a business that is needed by customers all over the United States. Thanks to the internet and modern delivery methods, an owner could run the business in New York and supply to San Francisco, Houston and everywhere in between. Depending on the location of the business, screen printers are able to bring in smaller, profitable orders from organizations such as local sports clubs and associations and local businesses who require printing services.

Existing screen printing businesses will usually be sold with all the required equipment and machinery

Printing businesses are known to run with low overhead and have good cash flow. With a healthy customer database there are often opportunities to grow a screen printing business without extensive cash outlay. When buying a screen printing business,  a new owner can often leverage a great foundation and grow existing revenue by customizing future projects to each customer’s needs.

Become an ASPA member

By becoming a member of the American Screen Printing Association (ASPA), screen printers can become ASPA Certified and earn a diploma in screen-printing to enhance their reputation in the field. ASPA is one of the top ranked screen printing associations with members in over 150 countries worldwide. Find out more here.

Basic Screen printing terminology

Some basic terms for potential buyers new to screen printing:

Screen printing:  Printing method where ink is driven through a stencil with a squeegee to produce a printed image onto a substrate.

Mesh (or Screen Fabric): Woven material make of polyester, silk (see below) or even stainless steel that attaches to a screen frame.

Substrate: This is much simpler than it sounds – the item that is to be printed.

Silk-screen printing: Silk screens are still used by some screen printers, but newer cheaper techniques utilising polyester mesh are now commonly used.

Choke: Not the coughing kind. This means reducing the thickness of the outer edge of an image so that subsequent print colors won’t overlap.

And the different types of business:

  • T-shirt printing business: As the name implies, this type of business-for-sale primarily prints on apparel products.
  • Advertising specialties business: Custom printed coffee mugs, key chains, rulers, calendars, pens and pencils and the like.
  • Sign-making business: Not just limited to shop signs, this type of printing includes custom banners and custom vehicle lettering.

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