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Abhai Rajguru
Director at Simplyhealth Group, HSA Group and Ernst & Young
Business name:
Alexander Rosse
Online accountancy and bookkeeping service
Milton Keynes
Trading for:
One year
Abhai Rajguru

Abhai on the vision behind Alexander Rosse…

“Alexander Rosse is the first purely online accountancy practice in the UK using modern technologies to deliver accountancy and bookkeeping solutions to small and medium sized businesses.

“All of the partners have a background from one of the big four accountancy firms, all working for a number of years dealing with mainly large international clients offering a high quality, but actually quite an expensive service. We thought that using modern technology and communications tools would make it possible to deliver a similar service to smaller organisations for a much smaller fee.”

Using modern technology and communications tools made it possible to deliver a similar service for a much smaller fee

On how being online lowers set-up costs and ongoing overheads...

“Being accountants, we’re pretty good at building a financial model, so we were able to fund it ourselves. The way we’re structured, the cash flow means we don’t have a huge investment and that’s one of the features of modern electronic businesses.

“You can plug in outside expertise and pay for it as you use it, rather then having to buy huge IT infrastructures or premises and things like that.”

On what he most enjoys about running a business...

“I think the real buzz we get is that we are challenging the status quo and trying to do things in a different way – that’s what really motivates us. The other thing is we’re passionate about the role small and medium sized businesses play in our economy.

“SMEs will generate wealth that generates taxes and gets us out of the economic mess we’re in. Good quality financial advice, accountancy and financial management is key for small businesses to succeed.

"We provide this in a very cost-effective way and we can see this from the type of clients we’re getting and the feedback. That’s why we’re in this business and we really enjoy it.”


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