The mobile phone recycling business

Interview with...

Simon Walsh
Worked in sales for Orange
Business name:
SHP Ltd (runs (founded with Craig Smith)
Recycles old mobile phones and other electrical goods
Trading for:
Eight years ago
Simon Walsh, SHP Ltd

Simon on the business's primary function...

“Primarily it started off as a mobile phone recycling business, but we’ve moved into any electrical recycling, so we see ourselves as pioneers in electrical recycling in the UK, throughout Europe and further afield.”

On what inspired the idea...

“We both used to work for Orange, and in our days selling the Orange network a lot of our customers used to ask what they should do with their mobile phones. But there was never really a professional service that could offer a take-back of old hardware.”

On how they financed the business...

“It was financed out of our own pockets initially, purely getting phones in and selling them and working extremely hard for long hours to get money back into the bank, and we’ve continued with that philosophy all the way through to where we are today. We got premises in 2003 and as we’ve grown we’ve moved into newer and bigger premises.”


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comment by Brian Gregory
Hi Simon With people increasingly using mobile phones for bank transactions and even using imaging to pay bank cheques into their bank, is there a danger that finance information could be taken from used phones. Brian <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
comment by tanmoy
£28 million paid out already by Most reliable mobile phone recycling company. Payment in 2 days and 7 years of recycling experience. Sell and recycle mobile phones for cash now at Fonebank . visit us : <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
comment by Janet
Kudos to you Simon! Good to know that you're not only recycling mobile phones but also electrical gadgets as well. I used to sell my old phone to <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
comment by Jaymonds
Hi Simon, Your business of <a href="<a href=""" rel="nofollow">"</a> rel="nofollow">mobile phone recycling</a> not only make people to earn extra cash but also make them to take part in protecting environment as well..Keep going.........
comment by AKEEM
i will like to know if we can send you mobile telephone from Nigeria, we have large stock of unused phone. pls let me know very urgent. pls yr tel number, mine is 2348060251237. We will ship immediately and yr payment plan?
comment by Kayz
Hi Simmon, can you share some ideas for running this business..
comment by Herman
Hi Simon handphone recycle business is great idea ever, as we even can not able to estimate how many scrap handphone in the world ? and then for what ? how much money was involved ? I appreciate if you could give me more detailed information how can I help your business as I live in where have more than 200 million population country
comment by Andy Tipling

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