London 2012: opportunities for start-ups

I am really looking forward to the forthcoming Olympic Games. 

As a successful entrepreneur, I believe that London 2012 will provide an extra boost to its economy and the capital's infrastructure. 

Although the Olympics revolves around sporting events, there is also the long-term impact on London’s small and start-up businesses to consider. 

You can already see the impact in Stratford, the East London area where the Olympic stadium and village has been built.

So what effect will the Olympics have on small businesses?

I believe that the Games will provide many positive opportunities for small businesses:

  • Increased employment
  • Increased number of tourists who will come to London - meaning more money spent in the capital

Tops’ Tips for start-up businesses:

  • Differentiate your product from similar products and services on the market
  • To survive in your market you need to think out of the box and come up with an innovative product or service
  • It is vital for start-ups to carefully identify a niche in the market and play up to this with a strong plan

The Games will present great opportunities for small businesses and the multiple infrastructure projects, as well as surge in visitors, presents a win-win situation for entrepreneurs.


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