Starting a green e-accountancy

Interview with...

Abhai Rajguru
Director at Simplyhealth Group, HSA Group and Ernst & Young
Business name:
Alexander Rosse
Online accountancy and bookkeeping service
Milton Keynes
Trading for:
One year 
Abhai Rajguru

Abhai on how he made his business green...

“We actually didn’t consider the term ‘green’ when we set up. The way it happened is we sat back and saw how businesses like ours are going to look in the future – and of course the answer is they have to be sustainable.

“One of those elements is we need to consume fewer resources. But we don’t have recycling bins because we don’t have any paper!

“That’s actually right at the core of what we’re about, rather then just an interesting add-on. That’s how we became a green business.”

I think a lot of people can relate to this way of operating, but it’s not just PR, it’s really at the core of what we’re about

On how his green credentials help him commercially...

“We have a number of clients who come to us because we’re passionate about this, and that’s what differentiates us. But I think a lot of people can relate to this way of operating.

It’s not just PR, it’s really at the core of what we’re about. It is is attracting clients but we just wouldn’t consider doing it any other way.

Advice to other businesses on the commercial merits of being eco-friendly...

“You just need to step back and think 'if we were reinventing the business, or this process, how would we do it?' And the answer, almost always, is in a greener, more sustainable way.

"By consuming fewer resources and doing the same job it is more efficient.

“I would urge businesses to go back to basics and challenge everything they do. I’m sure more businesses can not only become greener, but reduce their cost base – and clients will appreciate that.”


2 comments about this article

comment by Rajinder Kumar
HI Abhai, I also want to start the same e green accountancy, This is request to you, please elaborate more this idea Thanks Rajinder
comment by Sunil Sadashiv Shirke
I want to start a green e-accountancy in Goa, India

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