Taking marketing tips from the London 2012 Olympics

London 2012 Olympics logo

I have to admit as a Londoner I was dreading the Olympics; everywhere I turned there was a sign that warned us of the travel disruptions that were to come.

I never applied for tickets, which I regret immensely now, and I even thought about going on holiday for the duration to get out of the city. However like many I have been gripped by Olympic fever and have proudly cheered on our Great Britain athletes along with country.

What I have been hugely impressed by is the marketing and organisation of the marketing throughout the Olympic period and think there is much as we can learn about this and apply to corporate marketing.

Simplicity is the key to success in marketing; you need your brand to have a strong identity and stand out from the crowd

Marketing a company or a brand is difficult to do successfully. You have to keep up to date and on trend, as throughout the world people will react differently to each marketing style.

One of the best aspects of the Olympic branding is its simplicity; it has one logo, one colour and one phrase ‘inspire a generation’. Simplicity is the key to success in marketing, you need your brand to have a strong identity and stand out from the crowd and getting this balance right is very hard.

The colour chosen for much of the major branding for the Olympics was a vibrant pink colour. Normally within a marketing environment pink is only used when you're marketing to girls, however the pink used is far from girly.

It stands out in the crowd; it is funky, on trend and fun which I think pretty much sums up this Olympic period. Choosing colours when thinking about marketing a campaign is very important and the key is to make it as eye catching as possible.  

What the campaign has done very well is to make the branding fun for everyone and without being over the top which has summed up the United Kingdom. It has been unique but by using the slogan ‘inspire a generation’ it has also portrayed an important social message, which is extremely relevant today especially within many of our major cities.

A problem when branding and marketing is that you need to target your audience and sell to them. The Olympics logo is fun, bright, colourful and unique and I think the branding has done very well to sum this all up so simply.

If you are branding or marketing a business look to the Olympics as a guide. Think about your target audience and go forward and target them. It should be fun and accessible and portray your company well.


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