Key tips on how to maintain a successful business

Getting a business started and all set up is tricky and is only the first hurdle.

Once that’s all done and you are up and running the next thing that must be concentrated on is to stay in business and do it successfully. Below are some top tips on how to maintain a successful business.

1. Make sure you have plans for all eventualities and circumstances

If you can, always have a backup plan to make sure you’re not caught out unawares. Most businesses try to plan for what to do if the following occurs:

  • If an employee leaves or is dismissed
  • A natural disaster/extreme weather
  • Losing main client/source of income
  • Crime or theft
  • Accidents in the workplace

Some companies offer businesses an ISO 22301 certificate. This helps a business prepare for the worst by implementing an effective business continuity management system, helping the business become better equipped to respond to and recover from disruptive events should they arise.

2. Make sure your business is contemporary, fresh and with the times

This will keep you ahead of your competition and ensure that you always find new ways to improve and run your company more effectively.

A happy employee works hard and is more likely to gladly (not grudgingly) take on more work and responsibility

By consistently challenging old methods you can find the optimum way your company works, it is also more appealing to prospective clients and employees as it demonstrates that you are not stagnating.

3. Ensure that your employees are happy

A happy employee works hard and is more likely to gladly (not grudgingly) take on more work and responsibility. To keep your employees happy try to:

  • Ensure they are working in a nice, clean, stress-free environment and a positive atmosphere
  • Give them achievable workloads
  • Recognise your employees work by thanking, rewarding and praising them.
  • Communicate frequently, find out how they are feeling and if they are having any problems

4. Regularly ask for feedback from your clients and employees

This way you will continually work on your management skills and optimise your company to work in the best way possible.

5. Stay on top of your finances

Make sure you are aware of your ingoings and outgoings. Go over your accounts on a regular basis, check to see there are any unnecessary expenses and always keep your eye out for new business.

6. Always network

Let people be aware of your skills and business even when you’re not at work. By networking you will stay in touch with the current business world and meet potential customers and employees.

Remember to always be polite, helpful and memorable and hopefully you can help generate business in a social environment too!


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