How 'Team Granny' might win me an award

Interview with...

Katie Mowat
IT consultant
Business name:
Grannies Inc.
Retails bespoke knitwear handmade by grannies
Trading for:
One year

Read how Katie started her knitwear business and how she continues to run her online retailer

Katie Mowat on what Grannies Inc. is all about...

It’s all about designing your own knitwear. Customers can go onto our website and design their own beanie, scarf, snood, wrist-warmers and other winter accessories. We have 24 different colours to choose from, all in 100% Merino wool and you can add features to your product.

I can’t believe those judges think so highly of the company and I’m really proud of what the company has done so far

The design is then sent off and you can choose which granny you want to knit the product; we have a team of 12 grannies around the UK. So it’s all bespoke hand-made knitwear.

On advice for other young entrepreneurs that want to get into business...

It’s quite daunting but if someone wants to start a business at a young age, and if they’ve got aspiration, I say just do it. Don’t be afraid because even if you fail you may be a lot happier than if you go down another route.

For me I spent a lot of time doing market research. A business plan is absolutely essential, spend a lot of time on your business plan and show it to some people you trust and get feedback.

Don’t be afraid if your first idea doesn’t seem to work on paper, just carry on and try another idea and you’ll hit one at some point that you can take forward into a business.

On how it feels being one of the finalists of the 2010 Startup Awards...

Oh it’s amazing! I couldn’t believe it because I was really busy at the time launching the new website when we did the application. I applied thinking ‘why not’ – I thought at least I might get some feedback on the business. But to be nominated as a finalist is amazing!

I can’t believe those judges think so highly of the company and I’m really proud of what the company has done so far. I’m both proud of myself and the knitters.

When I first heard I thought I’d just been nominated for becoming a finalist out of 12. But see there are only three of us in the finals in that category – it’s amazing.


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