Con-Lib alliance: SMEs give thumbs up

“As we haven’t had a coalition Government since 1945, it is hard to say how it will affect our modern times. With the media cleverly (frequently destructively) utilising the internet in 2010, will the new coalition Government have the freedom to ‘test’ the waters of joint policy?

“One would hope that Vince Cable, in his new role leading ‘business and banks’, can meet the needs of the business community, without falling foul of the insatiable appetite for failure/mistakes that the media feed upon.

I fear the coalition will try too hard to keep too many factions happy. Will it have the courage to do what needs to be done, no matter the ‘popularity’ rating?

Nicola Fleet-Milne, MD of FleetMilne Residential

“I fear the coalition will try too hard to keep too many factions happy. Will it have the courage to do what needs to be done, no matter the ‘popularity’ rating?”
Nicola Fleet-Milne, managing director of FleetMilne Residential

“Having to work with the Lib Dems will unshackle Cameron from the right of the Conservative Party and give rise to some more progressive policies than would have been available had the Conservative won outright.”
Bernard Grenville-Jones, CEO of OAC Actuaries and Consultants

“The Con-Lib coalition has led to a ‘best players on the pitch’ approach, combing key players from across the two parties. The benefit of synergy must surely create a stronger platform from which business can flourish and a pooling of resource to tackle the financial crisis.

“To a certain extent a Lab-Lib coalition would have worked on the same principle but the inclusion of several teams in order to reach the majority vote may have been less ‘synergy’ and more ‘anarchy’.

“We hope that with a majority the coalition can now develop workable solutions to real business problems and restore confidence to encourage business growth.”
Michelle Leavesley, director of Citydesk Sport

“In the circumstances, this is an excellent outcome; entrepreneurialism is key to rescuing the UK economy and we now have a Government led by the only party that really seems to understand the need to support business and wealth creation.

“I think a fresh start, with a dynamic young Prime Minister, will give us the energy with which to renew the country after the recent economic crisis. And a coalition Government that carries majority support amongst the people will be harder for Labour to demonise and has a big enough majority to take decisive, probably unpopular action.”
Joe Kennard, director of Purple Media Ltd

“We very much welcome the new coalition Government’s decision to put the 'green economy' at the heart of Government. Both parties have a long and positive track record in opposition on issues such as feed-in tariffs and in their support for solar PV and other renewable technologies.

“So we’re looking forward to working very positively with the new Government in the months and years ahead.”
Seb Berry, head of public affairs at Solarcentury

“Balancing the budget is important and the right systems and financial controls will benefit business and households. Through this coalition we believe we will see the Cabinet and the Parliamentary majority encouraging business growth and investment, through prudent, well managed and implemented policies.

“FreeAgent looks to bring financial stability in business with day-to-day understanding of profit and loss. We hope the incoming Government will demonstrate a similarly tight and disciplined attitude to money management.”
Ed Molyneux, CEO OF FreeAgent

“The Con-Lib coalition may be the best outcome for democracy but business is not a democracy, nor is the economy democratic. Strong leaderships, clarity of purpose and decisiveness are essential in the current climate, but they are not typical characteristics of management by committee.”
Robert Karssiens, sales and marketing director of Flexiant

“My strongest feeling is one of relief that we at last have a solution in place. I am sure there are some excellent people in both parties who can form a worthwhile government.

“How good the exact nature of the deal is, only time will tell. But let’s all hope that they go nice and steady with whatever policies they implement, so as not to upset the recovery, which I believe is definitely happening slowly but surely.”
Adrian Maxwell, MD of Fracino

“As a small business owner, I have been very concerned by the overspending, borrowing and the deficit left by the last Government. The election resulted in no overall ‘winner’ and the coalition was the best outcome to restore some stability to the country.

“Both the Conservatives and Lib Dems recognised the need to change the spending patterns of the country and to take drastic measures to reduce the current ‘black hole’.

“Obviously one party in power would have been preferable, but given the election result last week, this is the best option.

“From a business point of view, I believe my clients and customers will be confident that the Government is going to implement measures to reduce public spending and reduce the deficit. This in itself will lead to more confidence in customers buying our services.”
Susan Heaton Wright, company director of NSN Productions Ltd

“I was initially sceptical as I thought that all decisions would be a compromise driven by a ‘we have to be here’ attitude. However, observing the leadership of the two parties, how they speak to each other and speak about each other, I am increasingly optimistic.

“They speak openly and sensibly about the challenges we face and whilst they don’t appear to have a ‘magic bullet’ solution to our difficulties, they at least should deal with issues in a smart and pragmatic fashion.”
Richard Alberg, founder and chief executive of MyWorkSearch

“I’m very pleased that, after much deliberation, the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats have finally struck a deal. If they can put their differences aside and work for the common good then I see no reason why it shouldn’t be a success.

“Undoubtedly what we need right now is a government that acts quickly in cutting the deficit and believes in public sector growth.

“Also, I think it is good to see wise political minds such as Vince Cable being drafted into the cabinet, as he clearly has a vast array of political and financial knowledge that will help lead the British economy from the brink of bankruptcy towards growth.”
Liz Jackson, MD of Great Guns Marketing


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comment by BriannaHardy28
All people deserve wealthy life and or just credit loan can make it much better. Just because freedom is based on money.
comment by Rose Lewis
The interesting overlap in interests of the two parties in the new alliance government which came to power a few weeks ago over their belief in removal of red tape for small business and their support for “enterprise”. Interestingly, one of the main areas of expenditure given these joint forces will be the almost instant removal of the regional “enterprise” agencies. There is 1.8 Billion of the 6 Billion to save. So small business will see a reduction of income from the RDA’s and a removal of that focus, but on the other side probably no increase in taxation over the near term for small businesses. So although others will see a significant rise SME’s may even see a decrease. Now on the personal side the opposite will be true. Many owners of their own business have greater than average take home pay. That will, unfortunate for those fortunate ones take a taxation pounding. So, it is a bit of a mixed bag. The best one can hope for is less red tape and a policy of encouraging entrepreneurs both through putting pressure on the banks to lend and also through putting in place central commitment to buy from SME’s, and the worst, is that anything you manage to make from your business will get taxed at a higher rate than you are used to.

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