But do you really trust your accountant?


The majority of accountants are very good at their job, often cutting costs and safeguarding your business’ future well.

However sometimes, there is room in the relationship between you and your accountant to begin to challenge them on the reliability of the advice and information they provide.

It may be that your business circumstances have changed and your requirements are venturing out of your accountants comfort zone, or it could be that your accountant has trouble of his/her own, either way, you need to be aware of the main signs not to trust your accountant...it could be time to find an accountant that better suits your needs.

Here are some of the top warning signs that point towards finding a new accountant:

It is increasingly difficult for you to get hold of your accountant

One of the first obvious warning signs that your accountant may not be right for you is when you struggle to get hold of them. They may never be in the office when you call, it may be a week before they reply to your emails, or you are passed on to an accountant you were not initially assigned.

Either way, communication between you and your accountant is vital in an effective relationship. Your accountant should be offering you business advice above usual compliance, and you shouldn’t be charged too much for the information either.

Your accountant is around, but not during those difficult times!

It may be easy to get hold of your accountant when everything is running smoothly, but during times when your business is under pressure your accountant seems to be constantly unavailable.

If your accountant seems to lack a certain amount of curiosity about you business or you feel you are always the one bringing up issues, it may be time to reconsider your choice of accountant

It may be that as a result of this you are regularly passed on to another accountant you were not assigned too, and although these may be knowledgeable individuals, their experience and understanding of your particular business is likely to be less than that of the accountant you have worked with for a while. 

Your accountant never challenges you

Ever heard of the phrase, “it seems too good to be true”? It is unlikely that your accountant has absolutely everything under control 100% of the time.

Even the best accountants will need to ask you difficult, perhaps searching questions every so often in order to help them to help you. If your accountant seems to lack a certain amount of curiosity about you business or you feel you are always the one bringing up issues, it may be time to reconsider your choice of accountant.

The accountant suffers from general incompetence

By incompetence I mean: your accountant has time management issues which means he or she is late at supplying vital information; your accountant avoids answering the questions you ask or; your accountant charges too much for what you know is a little amount work. There is no room for consistent incompetence if you are striving for a successful business.

Loyalty to accountants is a flawed concept

At the end of the day, business is business. If your accountant is not offering the service you want, you can and should change.

An accountant is not for life, and at Just Accountants we suggest keeping an eye open on what other accountants may have to offer and at what rates, do so every couple of years or so.

If you are in need of an accountant, whatever your business size or profession, we can find you multiple tailored quotes from accountants in your area at no cost to you and with no obligations. Visit www.justaccountants.co.uk for more details.


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