Basic commandments for ISO client-consultant relationships

Eight top commandments for ISO Consultants wanting to improve client relationships:

1. The ISO Consultant shall always be attentive and prompt to the client

One key factor in developing client-centric solutions and providing value in ISO consultancy services is to always be attentive to clients allowing them to divulge as much as they can about the kind of ISO consultancy service they require.

In doing so, the client is likely to be more comfortable and share their concerns and requirements which will help you tailor solutions that befit their unique requirements. This may also prove be an opportunity for ISO consultants to project their unique advantage as a flexible ISO consultancy solutions provider as a distinguishing features from competing ISO consultants.

Be responsive and attentive to your clients, both old and new, lest they wonder what you are doing with their money, and your contracts will not be renewed. Likewise, delayed response will force the client to re-evaluate and seek out other ISO Consultants.

The ISO Consultant should be responsive and attentive to his clients, both old and new, lest they wonder what you are doing with their money, and your contracts will not be renewed.

The client-consultant partnership is very fragile and ISO consultants must adhere to promises made to the client

2. The ISO consultant shall deliver on his promises

Deliver to your client the quality, services and products that you have promised. ISO Consultants ought to make sure that they should never promise their clients something that they cannot deliver.

The client-consultant partnership is very fragile and ISO consultants must adhere to promises made to the client. It is important to never over-commit on services deemed to be provided and ensure that both the client and ISO consultant are on the same page when making a commitment.

3. The ISO consultant shall maintain client-consultant discretion at all costs

The ISO consultant should not discuss his client's problems outside the company, for if the client learns of his indiscretion this could lead to a conflict and he may lose the client. ISO Consultants share a relationship built on trust with the client and any information shared by the client during the consultancy project for the purpose of ISO consultancy shall be held as a sacred trust between the consultant and the client.

The ISO Consultant should maintain that the client’s business secrets are protected at all costs and any indiscretion may lead to expensive lawsuits and harm the consultant’s market reputation.

4. The ISO consultant will always be amicable to the client

Be pleasant, cheerful, and easy to do business with, else your client will seek those who are. Consultants for ISO will always make themselves amenable, amicable and easily approachable to the clients.

A little rapport and goodwill established with the client goes a long way and it helps consultants for ISO to develop business relationships that are long lasting and carry a positive impact towards the ISO consultants’ market reputation. This may also help ISO consultants to win businesses through referrals.

5. The ISO consultant shall achieve results effectively and with efficiency

The Consultants for ISO must practice what they preach by proving themselves effective with results and efficient with client’s resources and time. ISO Consultants must give their consultants early results and satisfactions with their work, for clients too need to be proud of your work in front of their boss. The client may be required to yield results in time which are agreeable to the client’s management. Their satisfaction is crucial to the ISO consultant’s business.

6. The ISO consultant shall make himself physically present to the client

The ISO consultant should present their quality products and services to their client in person. The Consultant for ISO ought not to make light of their efforts on their client's behalf, else it will be thought the ISO consultant has little interest in their client or in your client's project.

Despite technological advancements like availability of online modes of communication such as mobiles, emails, etc. it carries a significant impact on the client’s psyche that the ISO consultant takes the client’s project seriously enough to warrant frequent personal visits. ISO consultants that make it a point to physically visit their clients.

7. ISO Consultants shall always promote his company in the presence of others

The ISO consultant should praise his company and his associates when in the presence of your client; else the client will not believe they have pride in their affiliation.

8. The ISO consultant will always be positive about the client

The ISO Consultant shall never discuss the client’s shortcomings or of client's staff, else it will be suspected that the ISO Consultant discusses client shortcomings with others, too. As mentioned earlier client-consultant relationship is very fragile and an ISO consultant is bound to honour the client’s right to privacy and the consultant should be respectful of the client’s shortcomings.

After all, if the client had a perfect system why would they need an ISO consultant?


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