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I am huge fan of team building, although this has not always been the case.

For years, I was forced to attend tedious seminars and days out. There was always that groan of disappointment when everyone received the news of yet another “team building activity”. In recent years many employers have started to seek advice from companies that specialise in organising these activities. I think this is fantastic as they often have a real insight into what people enjoy and what they want out of these days.   

What is team building?

Team building is important for any business as it strengthens the bond between employees and with their employer. Team building is when employees are taken out of their comfort zone and teamed up with co-workers, tasked with working together to achieve an end goal. To do this it is vital that they are motivated, have respect for each other and use the individual strengths of their group members. Working together outside the office like this helps a team to learn to offer moral support inside the office, which will help to avoid staff disputes, make for a happy work force and improve staff loyalty.

Different types of team building activities

There are many different activities that employers can use for team building. Personally, I prefer the ones that are not carried out in the workplace. Moving the activity out of the office creates an equal environment for everyone. When you are still at work, managers and team leader are seen as superior, even if they are not trying to be, which is not what team building is about. In addition, moving the activity away from a work environment can help people to feel more relaxed and encourage them to talk more openly. Hopefully people who have not interacted before can start building relationships which can be taken back into the work place. You may even find that team building activities such as quad biking and paintballing can give employees the chance to shine above their seniors.

How can team building benefit your business?

I really do believe that team building can benefit businesses however big your workforce is. For any company to be successful you need good employees, and once you have these it is your responsibility as an employer to get the best out of them. Feeling like part of a team even if employees don’t always work together on a daily basis can help to give people confidence. We all need some encouragement or guidance sometimes and the workplace is no different. It is easy to become isolated at work and in these turbulent times it is important for your team to work together and trust each other in order to be successful.  I think that team building can help to build this trust and motivate a workforce.


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comment by Anna Lemos
Good read. It is one of the most important factors to building a solid company culture too.

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