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Innovative Business Ideas

How I started a gadget recycling website

An entrepreneur from a young age - he sold his packed lunch at school - Ashley now runs

Business Financing

How I funded Shopcade

Serial entrepreneur Nathalie Gaveau talks to BusinessWings.

Online Business Ideas

Starting an internet consulting business

iBundle founder Julian Ranger on which businesses constitute good investments and the story behind his internet consultancy.

Innovative Ideas

Dragons' Den success story

Patrick van der Vorst tells us about his experience in the Den, and talks about his relationship with the Dragon investors.

Green Business Ideas

The mobile phone recycling business

Simon Walsh noticed a lot of customers at Orange were asking him what to do with their old mobile phones...

Green Business Ideas

Starting a green e-accountancy

The paperless office has largely remained a utopian pipe dream – but not for Abhai Rajguru.

Innovative Ideas

Setting up Naked Wines

Rowan explains the concept behind his innovative wine investment and retail business.

Famous Entrepreneurs

How I won the Apprentice

Lee McQueen, 2008's winner, is incredulous that candidates continue to backbite despite evidence that it doesn't work.

How to Run

Five ways to save money in your business

Five suggestions for cost cutting measures that could make a big difference to your company’s bottom line.


Small Business Administration


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